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The Indiana Apartment Association continues to fight cities and towns across the state on exorbitant fees related to apartment inspections and registrations.

State law requires cities and towns to set up a separate fund for the fees collected from apartment communities and to only use that money to pay for expenses directly related to the registration and inspection of apartment units. It applies to all current ordinances and puts municipalities on notice that residents will know who is assessing these fees because management companies now have the right to bill residents directly for the fees assessed.

Many of our member apartment communities have been involved as we fight municipalities who want to fund their budget deficits on the backs of rental housing.

We must send a stronger message to all elected officials that those fees have a direct impact on the residents living in our apartment communities. On November 6, 2012, we will go to the polls to elect a new governor and a president.

It is important that we get our residents registered to vote and inform them so they can elect those who understand the rental housing industry and know that exorbitant fees are, in fact, hurting their constituents.



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2012 Election Calendar

Apartment Communities across the state will again participate in our registration efforts. Click below for an updated list of events.

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